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What does this site have to do with bean dip?

Nothing whatsoever. As mentioned in the header, this is a holding place for random one-off web content that I can't fit elsewhere for one reason or another. Everything fits here. It's like magic, but completely different.

Stuff That I'm Sharing Here

Please note: the following sites will look spiffy only on HTML5- and CSS3-capable browsers. No HTML5 or no CSS3? No guarantees.

More will be added as time rolls along...

Licensing (a.k.a. "The Boring Stuff")

Unless indicated otherwise, the content on this website is offered under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC BY-SA). If you plan to do more than just read my content, it would be a good idea to read the license first. Let's do this correctly and not ruffle any feathers.

Regarding Tenfour MobilePulse

The site has been offline (read: dead) for a few years (as of 2016) due to the demise of Tenfour Agency. The original Tenfour MobilePulse website was constructed by me (front-end) and another web developer (back-end, including a CMS that is not presented here) using HTML5, CSS3, and some JavaScript shenanigans on the front-end and CodeIgniter on the back-end. The version offered here was reconstructed from an site capture and a local archive of CSS and JavaScript files that were used on the site. AddThis links have been disabled, as have all pointers to the resources that were once served from AWS (they're now served "locally"). If anyone from Tenfour's former management team has an issue with the branding, please contact me and let me know. I will gladly remove the branding. The un-branded website will remain here, though.

Also, Apple removed the minimal UI capabilities of Mobile Safari in iOS 8, so hiding of the location bar and footer is not possible. This may make the site look a bit odd as-is on recent iPhones. Dragging the site up and down in the viewport works for now, at least until I find the time to work in a Mobile Safari fix (Apple...really? Why?).