of respondents said they would watch at least some of the Olympics this year on a smartphone or a tablet.

Mobile websites and apps are currently the most widely adopted mobile marketing tactics, used by 46% and 45% of marketers, respectively.

Starbucks is currently the largest mobile payments network in the U.S.


of mobile users are only willing to wait 5 seconds or less for a web page to load before leaving the site.


of tablet owners surveyed by Compuware in February said poor web experiences on the tablet made them less likely to visit that website on any platform. Nearly the same percentage said they would be less likely to purchase from that company in general.

Twitter hits 400 million tweets per day, most of those are on mobile.


of mobile ad budgets are spent on search advertising, with 30% spent on mobile display advertising. Google commands 70% of the market share.

By 2016, application-to-person (A2P) messaging will overtake person-to-person (texting) messaging, being worth more than US$70bn.

Fewer than 1 in 20 smartphones and tablets have third-party security software installed.


of handsets sold in 2011 were not smartphones, they were feature phones; 94 percent of all phones sold were not Apple.

7 times more people research products on phone and then buy in-store versus researching in-store and buying on phone.